Friday, December 15, 2017

Temporary Disruption - The Reeves Project

A message from the administrator of The Reeves Project:
Reluctantly, we have made the decision to temporarily suspend The Reeves Project wiki with effect from 18h45GMT on 13 December 2017. We will advise via this blog as well as several other relevant sites, our progress to restore the service, but it's likely to take a few weeks, not days.

Two weeks ago (28 November) we had what we at first thought was a simple technical issue. But further investigation revealed that Barry's administrative access to the server hosting TRP had been hijacked. Having regained control, Barry removed a couple of static web pages which the intruders had added to the web server (not to the wiki). As far as we can tell the wiki and its contents were not compromised.

Then on Saturday 9 December, the layout of our web pages suddenly changed. The site had been hijacked for a second time and again Barry had been locked out. The intruders had again added a couple of static web pages, which would not be seen by the TRP user community. After a little searching, Jonathan found a web page detailing how to hijack any TikiWiki (TW) based service running on or below a specific version of the TW software. Sadly our wiki was running on an affected version.

The server hosting TRP has given us very good service over a very long period of time, but now really needs a major refresh. Since we have no way to prevent repeated hijacking events which may have more serious impact to our wiki content and/or visitors to our web pages, we have reluctantly decided the only safe option is to temporarily suspend The Reeves Project wiki.

Over the coming days and weeks, we look to move TRP to a more secure server and upgrade the whole of the supporting infrastructure, including the TikiWiki software. Right now we don't know how long this activity might take, particularly as the Christmas holiday season is rapidly approaching and everybody's free time is in short supply. We'll aim to report progress on a regular basis, every two or three weeks. So please do check back here regularly.
Hopefully for those of us who use The Reeves Project to archive documented research and as a source of information, this upgrade and TRP's interruption of service will be of short duration.

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