Sunday, January 14, 2018

Update on The Reeves Project

The latest word from the administrators of The Reeves Project:
As previously advised, we reluctantly made the decision to temporarily suspend The Reeves Project wiki with effect from 13 December 2017. We were able to make little significant progress prior to the New Year, but things are now moving forward. However, it is likely to still take us a few more weeks to get TRP back online.

Barry is focused on establishing a new platform to host TRP, which will probably be with a new hosting provider while Jonathan and Martin are working to understand the issues resulting from the upgrade of the wiki software underpinning TRP. There have been various changes in the software and some of these are causing issues for us. We will work to identify and address the major issues which will probably take a week or two.

Once these issues have been resolved, we'll then take a tentative step to bring a version of TRP back to the web for further review and testing by a slightly wider audience. When we're ready for that next step we'll post an update asking for helpers at and the various other channels we've been using to keep folks informed.
I'm looking forward to the project being back online because I've found quite a few new Reeves' items of interest to share.