Friday, January 6, 2012

Friday Funny - Poor Bossy!

The following article doesn't pertain to any Reeves' individuals, but since I came upon it while searching the issues of the Paducah Sun in McCracken County, Kentucky in the course of researching my Reeves' cousins there, it seems to belong here nonetheless.

The Paducah Sun June 15, 1905
Thursday Evening



One Man Will Go Over the North
And the Other the South Side

The first cow arrest since the cow ordinance went into effect was made this
morning by Cow Catcher George Webb, who made the capture about 11 o’clock.

He brought his prisoner, a brindle, muley cow, to the city hall and she was
immediately impounded. Chief Collins has appointed an assistant to Webb, and the two will work the town, one working the north and the other the south side.

Chief Collins has issued instructions to Webb and his assistant to arrest
every cow seen on the streets unattended, and it is expected that the pound
will be full in a few days.

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  1. Poor Bossy was probably blissfully unaware that she was askew of the law, since she probably never read the ordinance. Not fair.