Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Another Soldier of the Revolution

In the course of researching Reeves' families who were early residents in Georgia, I recently came across a new John Reeves. Or at least he was new to me because I had previously never encountered him. He was also a soldier of the Revolution as another John Reeves profiled here in the past but there is currently no information regarding in which state's armies or militia he served.

John Reeves was a resident of Georgia by at least 1795 for on 17 November 1795 in Columbia County he married an apparent widow, Mrs. Sarah McNeil Glover. Sarah was the daughter of Daniel McNeil and was named as Sarah Reeves in his 1804 will in Columbia County. John was probably living in Georgia as early as 1780 for his daughter Susanna Reeves Baggett whose age is given as circa 1778 to 1780 lists Georgia as her place of birth in the 1850 census.

There is currently no information as to the identify of John's first wife and probable mother of daughter Susannah. I have also been unable to find references to John's parents or other family. The only other Reeves living in Columbia County in the 1820 Georgia census is a Spencer Reeves of approximately the same age who may have been a brother but that guess is based solely on proximity.

Sarah Reeves died sometime before 1813 for on the 11th of January 1813, John Reeves married again. His third wife, Allethea MacGruder Drane and her deceased husband Walter Drane were both from Maryland. Allethea was born in Frederick County, Maryland about 1757 and Walter Drane, another former Revolutionary War soldier, was from Prince George's County, Maryland. They had also been residents of Columbia County, Georgia since shortly after the Revolution. Walter Drane had served in the Georgia House of Representatives in 1800 and 1802. He died in Baldwin County in 1807.

Based upon John Reeves' Revolultionary War service, he was allowed a draw in the 1827 Land Lottery of Lee County, Georgia.

An abstract found on the internet of the 1833 will of John Reeves, probated in Columbia County, Georgia on 25 November 1833, gives the following information -
REEVES, John s/Sept 16 1833 p/Nov 25 1833. Heirs, beloved wife Allethea. Daughters, Susan Baggett, Sarah Inglett and Rebecca Harden. Sons, John and Thomas. Son in law James Harden. granddaughter, Nancy Harden. Grandson Thomas Harden. Exrs Thomas Reeves and James Harden. Witness: William Motherwell, William Drane and Stephen Drane.

Hopefully at some future time, we will be able to learn more about this John Reeves of Columbia County, Georgia and his origins.

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