Friday, August 3, 2012

Friday Funny - Election Results

Col. William Pulaski “W.P.” Walton became sole owner of the weekly Democratic paper of Stanford, Kentucky, the Interior Journal, in 1881. A railroad contractor from Virginia, he was known for his staunchly Democratic beliefs, as his editorials proved, so there is little surprise that the Journal was quick to endorse local and national Democratic candidates. Colonel Walton began a tradition of “courageous opinion” and seemingly inexhaustible Walton family editorial copy. His editorial regarding the election of November 1894 is certainly no exception.

Semi-Weekly Interior Journal
Stanford Ky., November 13, 1894


One of the many bad results of last Tuesday’s awful slump is the election of Alphabet Guffy to the appellate bench from the 1st Kentucky district over Hon. W. L Reeves, a fine lawyer and a man of brains. Guffy is a blatherskite, a turncoat and an ignoramus. He has been a member of every political party and his flop into the republican party is of recent date. That party thought there was no show for its candidate in that stronghold of democracy against such a man as Reeves, and Guffy was nominated as a joke, but the vote shows that it is the unexpected that happens. Guffy’s majority is 668 and the result is as inexplicable as it is deplorable. The commonest lawyer at any bar knows as much law as he and it is a crying shame that such a man is elevated to pass upon the liberty and property of the people of Kentucky from its highest court. Fortunately the old man is three score and ten and as that is the allotted span of life we have the hope that death may claim him before he has brought the court into disgrace and contempt.

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