Friday, February 19, 2016

Hub Reeves, My Grandfather

After seriously neglecting this blog for some time, I'm going to make an effort to revive it, even if only with Reeves' pictures until I discover some new Reeves' family connections or solve a Reeves' mystery.

I love this picture of my grandfather William Hubbard Reeves, born 1882 in Blandville, Ballard County, Kentucky to Sidney Preston Reeves and Nancy Susan Wingo.

William Hubbard Reeves (2nd from left)
He moved from Kentucky into southeastern Missouri after marrying and was involved in the timber business. In New Madrid County he had a sawmill and for a time operated a general store there as well. He did love a good team of mules so this picture, taken around 1920, is quite special to me.

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  1. Look into Pointe-aux-Trembles,Canada

    There's a "Rue Reeves", there, linked to an architect on the French side of the family (which apparently came from the Le Havre area in the 1700s.

    Hubert Reeves, an Astrophysicist of note is one of the sons of one of one of my father's uncles.

    Despite my name (Jones which I use for "other purposes", I am a Reeves from the French side.

    I will agree with you that it is indeed a mystery because it was formerly Rives and got anglicised.

    As I have it from an uncle (Fr. Damien Reeved OFM) who did a research from parish records in France, while visiting Rome for the 50th anniversary of his joining the Franciscans, the original Rive was a sea captain who fished the Grand Banks (of Newfoundland) in the mid 1700s. Because he was a sea captain, he was entitled to have jhis wife on board and she became pregnant.

    Capt. Rive then sailed up the St. Lawrence River and settled in Pointe-aux-Trembles on the eastern part of the Island of Montreal.

    Over the years, mostly ion the early 1800s, a few Reeves (anglicised by the British who then occupied Canada), migrated to New England and beyond and it could be the ancestry of the Reeves family in the US.