Friday, November 4, 2011

William Reeves Mariner

William Reeves, a mariner of "Black Island in New England" (this is probably Block Island, Rhode Island), sells a barke (a type of boat) in Surry County Virginia in 1664. The purchaser, William Thomson, agrees to pay 5000 pounds of tobacco to Maurice Rose/Case who presumably holds a mortgage on the boat. The George Jordan who witnessed the document is likely George Jordan of Four Mile Tree in Surry County. Documentation exists stating that George Jordan imported William Thompson to Virginia.

This transaction is transcribed in Surry County VA Records, 1664-1671, Book II and appears exactly as written.

Know men by these presents that I William Revees Marriner of black Island in New England have bargained and sould unto Wm THOMSON of Surrey Couty in Virginia, Minister, a certain barke whereof I have beene Master Called ye,, beginning for which I confes my selfe fully Contented and paid to sd. THOMSON his ordr. His heirs or assigns to have posses and enjoy ye. Barke aforementioned with, all and singular her appurtenances from any hindrance lett or mollestation what soe ever of any owners pte. Owner or whoe soe ever shall p:tend an intrest therein I (sic) witnes whereof ye, sd. Wm. REEVES have for me my heirs execurs. This third day of August Anno 1664 sett my hand and seale. The Condition of yis. Obligation of saile is such that whereas ye sd Wm THOMSON standeth bound unto Maurice CASE? (ROSE?) of Charles Citty County in Virginia in ye, some of 5000 pounds of tobb. And caske payable this next Ensueing Crop Now if ye, sd Wm, Reeve shall save deffend & keep harmles & Indempnified ye sd. Wm THOMSON from ye, aforsed. Bond as alsoe his heirs Execurs. then this pr:sent sale to be void & of None effect or else itt shall stand & be in full force & vertue, the Marke & Seale of Wm Reeves (#) seale red wax. Sealed Signed & delivered in pr:sence of us Geo. JORDON James MILLS. Record. 20th. Mar. 64, Test Geo. WATKIN CL. Records.

Who is this man? Did he stay in Virginia? Or perhaps he returned there at a later date to appear in later records of Surry County. I have never seen him in anyone's genealogy research; however, it would be a worthwhile pursuit to look for New England records of this man as well as additional Virginia records.

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